Increase the kerberos logging level on a client to see what is actually going on

if you are seeing issues with kerberos based hdfs client access against an Isilon cluster, increasing the kerberos logging level on the client can show you a lot more information(a lot) Change the logging level with the following: export HADOOP_ROOT_LOGGER=”TRACE,console” export HADOOP_OPTS=””     quick example of a successful kerberized hadoop call from a kerberized […]

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Isilon and Kerberos

I’m starting to see an increase in the amount of Kerberized access to Isilon clusters, the following is an excellent start to understanding the process of Kerberizing an Isilon cluster for NFS access. In later posts I’ll discuss Kerberized Hadoop access to Isilon.   But, this doc is a great first step, it’s hosted on […]

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Isilon HDFS and Rack Awareness for DataNode Connections

Wanted to clear up the implementation of racks with Isilon hdfs and providing rack awareness, using Isilon racks we can provide node location awareness to clients and within-switch datanode connections collocation. This gives you the capability to provide switch aware or top of rack functionality that emulates hdfs local storage implementations, where compute nodes attempt […]

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Getting Started

I’m starting up a blog to publish anything useful I write on technology implementations and storage architectures. Hopefully someone finds this content useful sometime. Enjoy!

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